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We only require 4 out of 5 dentists to help us choose toothpaste but when imminent global disaster is concerned, 9.7 out of 10 climate scientists just won’t cut it. 

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my neighbour toronto

princess mississauga

scarborough away

howl’s markham castle

up on richmond hill

gta of the fireflies

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Students who acquire large debts putting themselves through school are unlikely to think about changing society. When you trap people in a system of debt, they can’t afford the time to think.

Noam Chomsky (via suddenlyalive)

This is not true.
We have plenty of time to THINK about changing society. We even have time to write and talk about it.
What debt systems do is take your time and your power to DO something about changing society.
I can daydream about a better world while I work. I can snatch a few minutes to bang up a blog post. But I can’t dedicate my days to rallies. I can’t travel halfway across the country to organize. I can’t take direct action because I can’t afford the HOURS.

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Reblogging for the commentary.

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 legend of zelda phantom hourglass is one of the worst games I have continually tried to play. 

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All your life you’ve been practicing
the art of carrying the weight
of a burden that was never really yours
you shoulder your guilt the way
that Atlas shoulders the globe and
you tell yourself that people
tell beautiful stories
about martyrs

they tell you to stop living like
a thunderstorm

they tell you that
you can’t take the blame that
they won’t give you

they press their hands to your skin and say
that pain is not graceful
that you are graceful

they tell you that
practice makes perfect, darling
you are perfect, darling
and nobody builds cathedrals anymore

a step by step guide to sainthood (M.D.)

This is gorgeous.

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Hawkeye #19 was well worth the wait. I thought nothing would ever top Pizza Dog.

#19 is mostly in sign language with very little subtitles showing just how awesome the medium of comics can be.

I need to buy this right now.
Though I have to stop crying first.

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A comiXologist Recommends:
Mike Isenberg recommends Zombillenium #2

Zombillenium Vol. 2 is finally here!  When Vol. 1 came out last summer it totally charmed my socks off, so I was very excited to see Vol. 2 on our release slate for this week.

For the uninitiated, Zombillenium is an absolutely gorgeous graphic novel series from French cartoonist and graphic designer Arthur de Pins.  The story centers on a “spooky” themed amusement park, the eponymous Zombillenium, and its highly unusual staff.  Park guests are wowed by the zombie make-up, ghostly special-effects, and monster costumes; little do they know that everything in the park is real.  After all, why use make-up when you can employ the legitimately undead?

If the set-up sounds a bit hammy, trust me when I say that de Pins’s superb execution lets this book soar high above its premise.  The characters are delightful, the writing is snappy and very funny (though you may have to excuse the occasional awkward translation), and did I mention that the art is absolutely gorgeous?  Each page was created digitally using Adobe Illustrator and the result is a distinctive, crisp, cartoony style that looks like no other book out there.  The characters are all lively and dynamic, the colors all pop; really I could just stare at this book for hours.

Volume 1 introduced us to the characters and the park, while management dealt with declining sales and a labor dispute with the Zombies Union.  This new volume keeps the focus on the running of the park, which is now having some trouble with the locals.  Employing thousands of undead, while the nearby area suffers double-digit unemployment for the living, will tend to ruffle some feathers.  When a couple of local villagers enact a plan to infiltrate and sabotage the park, they’ll find more than they bargained for beneath the rides and cotton-candy machines.

I really can’t recommend this book highly enough.  It’s light-hearted with a distinctly dark edge; the characters are charming, the dialogue is witty, and the artwork is stunning.  Go check it out!

For fans of: comedy, horror, supernatural

[Read Zombillenium #2 Here!]

Mike Isenberg is an Associate Production Coordinator at comiXology, and the co-writer of FIRST LAW OF MAD SCIENCE.  He lives in Harlem with his cats, TESLA AND EDISON

Picked this up at SDCC! Zombillenium is super charming and I am always a proponent of encouraging people to buy lots of European comics so American publishers will get on translating more of them!

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Female Fantasy III



May they be forever alone for their elitist douche-baggery.

I was recently interviewing the woman who founded Her Universe and we were talking specifically about women and geekdom. I asked about the rise of girls in geek culture and she very accurately corrected me: There is no “rise” of geek girls. We’ve always been here. Girls are just as nerdy as dudes are. Ladies have always been interested in sci fi and fantasy and video games - we just don’t talk about it a lot because men are assholes. 

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Headcanon Wednesday: Bath Time on the Cerberus SR2


Garrus takes a dust bath every four days. Like any turian away from home, he uses a small, thin cloth bag to distribute the fine sand. None of that fancy ‘imported from the Palaven Quartz Flats, scented with Jandus berries, added lustre’ crap — just the plain old cleanliness that mama Vakarian taught her children.

Granted, it took two rather awkward conversations with the requisitions officer before they found him a suitably large pan to stand on (where did they THINK all that dust went?) but once he got that worked out it was basically bathing-as-usual.

Thane prefers the technological option: a handheld sonic scrubber. 

Tali relies on her suit scrubbers, but once, on her pilgrimage, she splurged and had a real bath. The bathhouse, run by volus, is one of the only luxury amenities on the Citadel catering to Quarians, and the proprietors charge an exorbitant amount. Tali never tells anyone about the bath — she spent an embarrassing amount of money, after all — but it stands out as the most decadent experience of her life.

Samara is intensely secretive about her bathing habits (Given that so much of the galaxy sees asari as sex objects, bathing paranoia is actually a fairly common trait).

After trying several methods of speeding the process, Mordin eventually realized that multitasking was the key to shower-time efficiency. If any of the SR2 crew showered at the same time as Mordin, they would seen him reading a waterproof datapad while he scrubbed — but they don’t, because he also sings at the top of his lungs, and the bathroom is way too small for that shit.

Grunt, like so many pubescent boys, was firmly of the opinion that he didn’t smell in the least, who’s saying so, it’s just you puny aliens unable to handle the whiff of pure krogan, are you telling me I stink? I’ll rip your skull from your spine. At least, that’s what he tried. Two days after the smell started getting noticeable Shepard found him, marched him to the men’s bathroom, and stood guard in the open doorway while he showered, stopping him whenever he claimed he was done and pointing out all the bits he’d missed.

With her shotgun.

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People With Crohn’s Disease Are Posting Bikini Selfies Inspired By The Fearless Model 

Image description: 5 color of photos of people baring skin and showing their colostomy bags. The top two are white women wearing bikinis, the middle two are shirtless men, one of whom is ripped, and the bottom photo is a white woman with a noticeable scar beside her bag.

I wish there were more body, gender, and racial diversity, but it’s great that folks with Crohn’s/folks who have colostomy bags are feeling empowered to wear what they want and not feel like they have to hide part of their body.

hey friends this is a very important post

i used to have one of these. it was life-saving and i had one for ten months. it may have helped my body heal but it destroyed my self-esteem and made me think very poorly of myself and very negatively of the world in general. i wish i had something like this around when i was going through it!!! 

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